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Michael Shann

poet and printmaker

Poetry Pamphlets

All published by The Paekakariki Press,

To London (2017)

Walthamstow (2015)

Euphrasy (2012)

To order any of these books please contact

me or visit:




Poems in Anthologies

Byways, Arachne Press, 2024 - 'Snickets and ginnels'

Close Up: Poems on Cancer, Grief, Hope and Healing, Orchard Lea Books, 2022 - 'Discovery',   

    'Butterflies', 'December' 

Rebel Talk, Extinction Rebellion, 2021 - 'Icebergs at the Tate Modern'

Yorkshire Anthology, The Valley Press, 2017 - 'Saturday Jobs'

Reminiscences of Rock Against Racism, 2016 - 'Small Town Incendiaries', '23 Club'

Half Moon: poems about pubs, Otley Word Feast Press, 2016 - 'Drinking with Dylan Thomas in the French House'

But kind and dear is the old house here, Forest Poets/William Morris Gallery, 2016 - Praise'

Schooldays, Paper Swans Press, 2015 - 'The Con Club'

Spokes - poetry on two wheels, Otley Word Feast Press, 2014 - 'A perfect circle'

The Garden, Otley Word Feast Press, 2014 - 'Birthday'

Writing on the Wall, Forest Poets, 2013 - 'Stood Up'

Home, Paekakariki Press, 2011 - 'Birthday'

Volunteer Tales, The Lutterworth Press, 2003 - 'Home Sweet'




Poems in magazines and on websites


Ink Sweat & Tears, 2024 - 'Ambresbury Banks'

Waltham Forest Poetry Competition 2023 - 'Euphoria' awarded 2nd place

Waltham Forest Poetry Competition 2023 (local category) - 'Italian goalpost, Wanstead Flats' commended

Edward Thomas Fellowship newsletter 90, August 2023 - 'Afternoon tea with Edward Thomas'

Elsewhere Journal, 2023 - 'Leaving Epping'

Tyger Tyger, 2022 - 'Honey, best cat in the world'

The Alchemy Spoon, 2022, 'The charioteer'

Poetry Shed, 2021 - 'The goosepen'

Lemon Peel Press magazine ('Disgust' issue), 2021 - 'Return to Dumhach'

Poetry Society, 2021 - 'Inishwallah' Highly Commended in PS Stanza Competition

Mist and Mountain, 2021 - 'Inishbofin' Highly Commended in Gerard Rochford Poetry Prize

The BEAST, 2021 - 'Hoxton'

Poetry Society, 2019 - 'Blakeney, moonlight' Highly Commended in PS Stanza Competition

York Mix Poems for Children Competition, 2019 - 'Ice-cream for breakfast' Highly Commended

The Gooner, 2019 - 'Highbury and the Emirates'

The E List, 2019 - 'London Traffic News', 'The London Eye', 'Walthamstow Wetlands'

South Bank Poetry Magazine, 2018 - 'Paul Weller at the O2', 'The Royal Opera House'

The E List, 2018 - 'Resolutions'

Poetry on the Lake competition, 2016 - 'Astronomy' Highly Commended

New Boots and Pantisocracies, 2016 - 'Blue', 'The Cornhill Well'

Poems in the Waiting Room, 2016 - 'Hollyhocks'

The E List, 2016 - 'London Beards', 'Commuter Dance', 'Drinking with Dylan Thomas in the French House'

The London Magazine, 2015 - 'The Lighthouse'

The E List, 2015 - 'Walthamstow', 'Reading Homer in Poundland'

Well Versed, The Morning Star, 2015 - 'Ian Dury at Walthamstow College of Art'

The E List, 2014 - 'London Plane, Lloyd Park'

Nutshell Magazine, 2014 - 'The Old Marshalsea Prison Wall'

South Bank Poetry Magazine, 2012 - 'Borough Market'

14 Magazine, 2011 - 'Quid'

World Snooker Championship programme - 'The Con Club', 'The First Frame', 'The Score'

Envoi, 2006 - 'After Pieter de Hooch', 'Colour of the morpheme', 'The procession', 'Lichen', 'Lolowai'

Pennine Platform, 2005 - 'Fishing'

The Frogmore Papers, 2004 - 'The Flower-Pot Man'

Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, 2004 - 'Euphrasy'

Pennine Platform - 'Father's Day', 'Walking with my Father'


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