Michael Shann Poetry

Poetry Collections

All published by The Paekakariki Press,

To London (2017)

Walthamstow (2015)

Euphrasy (2012)

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Poems in Anthologies

Rebel Talk, Extinction Rebellion, 2021 - 'Icebergs at the Tate Modern'

Yorkshire Anthology, The Valley Press, 2017 - 'Saturday Jobs'

Reminiscences of Rock Against Racism, 2016 - 'Small Town Incendiaries', '23 Club'

Half Moon: poems about pubs, Otley Word Feast Press, 2016 - 'Drinking with Dylan Thomas in the French House'

But kind and dear is the old house here, Forest Poets/William Morris Gallery, 2016 - Praise'

Schooldays, Paper Swans Press, 2015 - 'The Con Club'

Spokes - poetry on two wheels, Otley Word Feast Press, 2014 - 'A perfect circle'

The Garden, Otley Word Feast Press, 2014 - 'Birthday'

Writing on the Wall, Forest Poets, 2013 - 'Stood Up'

Home, Paekakariki Press, 2011 - 'Birthday'

Volunteer Tales, The Lutterworth Press, 2003 - 'Home Sweet'




Poems in magazines and on websites


Tyger Tyger, 2022 - 'Honey, best cat in the world'

The Alchemy Spoon, 2022, 'The charioteer'

Poetry Shed, 2021 - 'The goosepen'

Lemon Peel Press magazine ('Disgust' issue), 2021 - 'Return to Dumhach'

Poetry Society, 2021 - 'Inishwallah' Highly Commended in PS Stanza Competition

Mist and Mountain, 2021 - 'Inishbofin' Highly Commended in Gerard Rochford Poetry Prize

The BEAST, 2021 - 'Hoxton'

Poetry Society, 2019 - 'Blakeney, moonlight' Highly Commended in PS Stanza Competition

York Mix Poems for Children Competition, 2019 - 'Ice-cream for breakfast' Highly Commended

The Gooner, 2019 - 'Highbury and the Emirates'

The E List, 2019 - 'London Traffic News', 'The London Eye', 'Walthamstow Wetlands'

South Bank Poetry Magazine, 2018 - 'Paul Weller at the O2', 'The Royal Opera House'

The E List, 2018 - 'Resolutions'

Poetry on the Lake competition, 2016 - 'Astronomy'

New Boots and Pantisocracies, 2016 - 'Blue', 'The Cornhill Well'

Poems in the Waiting Room, 2016 - 'Hollyhocks'

The E List, 2016 - 'London Beards', 'Commuter Dance', 'Drinking with Dylan Thomas in the French House'

The London Magazine, 2015 - 'The Lighthouse'

The E List, 2015 - 'Walthamstow', 'Reading Homer in Poundland'

Well Versed, The Morning Star, 2015 - 'Ian Dury at Walthamstow College of Art'

The E List, 2014 - 'London Plane, Lloyd Park'

Nutshell Magazine, 2014 - 'The Old Marshalsea Prison Wall'

South Bank Poetry Magazine, 2012 - 'Borough Market'

14 Magazine, 2011 - 'Quid'

World Snooker Championship programme - 'The Con Club', 'The First Frame', 'The Score'

Envoi, 2006 - 'After Pieter de Hooch', 'Colour of the morpheme', 'The procession', 'Lichen', 'Lolowai'

Pennine Platform, 2005 - 'Fishing'

The Frogmore Papers, 2004 - 'The Flower-Pot Man'

Candelabrum Poetry Magazine, 2004 - 'Euphrasy'

Pennine Platform - 'Father's Day', 'Walking with my Father'


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